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Change of Refer ence Crop Evapotr anspir ation from West Songnen Plain

  • 1. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Beijing 100101, China|
    2. Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, CAS, Changchun Jilin 130012, China|
    3. Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China

Received date: 2005-11-01

  Revised date: 2006-03-01

  Online published: 2006-05-25


Reference crop evapotranspiration (ET0) is one of important climate factors, mainly affected by local climate. As related to water balance and energy balance, it decides the shaping and evolvement of geographical environment. With 34 meteorological stations'data including minimum and maximum air temperature, wind speed, air humidity and sunlight hours from 1951 to 2000, ET0 was obtained by FAO Penman-Monteith equation (P-M) for growing season in western Songnen Plain of Northeast China. Then the authors analyzed the temporal- spatial characteristics of ET0 series with climate diagnostic analysis, and the abrupt change points through point - area integrated analyses by Jy parameter and Mann- Kendall methods. The results show that: (i) the high value of ET0 appears in southwest sandy land, and ET0 gradually decreases northeastwards; (ii) ET0 tends to increase in recent 50 years, and the north area contributes most; (iii) taking 1962 and 1982 as turning points, areal ET0 series indicates evident phase changes during period of 1951~2000; and (iv) two upward and one downward abrupt changes are examined in areal ET0 series, and the time of abrupt changes in typical stations is basically consistent with that in study area, but properties of abrupt changes show evident spatial diversity.

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LIANG Liqiao,YAN Minhua,DENG Wei,LI Lijuan . Change of Refer ence Crop Evapotr anspir ation from West Songnen Plain[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2006 , 25(3) : 22 -31 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2006.03.003


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