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Research of Application Model Based on Management of Metadata and Dataset

  • RS and GIS Institute of PeKing University, Beijing 100871 China

Received date: 2001-08-01

  Revised date: 2002-04-01

  Online published: 2002-07-24


Metadata is one of the valid technique for data sharing. Current Metadata management models and management systems focus on the Metadata, the management of Dataset is independent, and there is no direct connection between Metadata and Dataset, it leads to the inconsistency of Metadata and Dataset. Due to the direct relationship of Metadata and Dataset, the management model based on Metadata and Dataset is given, it consists of three level including integrating management level, service level, application level and solve the independent management of Metadata and Dataset. Integrating management level exchanges services flow with service level. Service level manages the distributing Metadata servers and Dataset servers, and it exchanges Metadata information flow and Dataset information flow with application level. Application level consists of customer machines. In addition, the application flow of this model is explained in three parts. The first part is the construction of Dataset object. it includes the filling and registering Metadata, submitting the Dataset to Dataset server. The second part is Dataset object querying and getting. it includes searching the Dataset based on the Metadata searching engine, and downloading the Dataset from Dataset server. The third part is Dataset object revising. it includes the Metadata revising in Metadata Server and Dataset revising in Dataset server consistently. In the end, with IIMS which is based on the integrating application model, typical application research is done in Xiamen Environment Bureau’s Metadata management system.

Key words: Dataset; IIMS; Metadata

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LAI Zhi bin, XIA Shu dong, WANG Hu, CHENG Ji cheng . Research of Application Model Based on Management of Metadata and Dataset[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2002 , 21(4) : 374 -382 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2002.04.010


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