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System Design of Early Warning and Risk Assessment Model for Karst Rocky Desertification Hazard

  • 1. National Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry, Geochemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, Guiyang, 550002 ;
    2. Faculty of Resource and Environment sciences,Guangxi Teachers Education University,Nanning 530001

Received date: 2004-12-01

  Revised date: 2005-02-01

  Online published: 2005-03-25


Karst rocky desertification problem is one kind of important geo-ecological calamity existing in the karst area. Early warming analysis of karst rocky desertification calamity include designing alarms, marking alarms condition, seeking the alert source, analyze alarm sign and forecasts the degree alarming etc. on the foundation of early warming analysis of karst rocky desertification, risk assessment of karst rocky desertification calamity is that carrying on calamity dangerous appraising, and combining analysis of damage, and hopes to lose to assessment, and the purpose depends on the development state to assess and monitors karst rocky desertification and bad environment effect that causes. Constructing to build Early Warning and Risk Assessment Model System for Karst Rocky Desertification Hazard,(KRDH.EWAMS), will firstly build that one set conceptualization model of logically and reasonable fitting calamity early warming and risk assessment for karst rocky desertification, on these grounds, differentiate the growth degree of karst rocky desertification, diagnose the latent power degree, and accounting business damage, assessing the harm degree, the early warming dangerous degree. On the basis of temporal-spatial change analysis and driving mechanism diagnosis on karst rocky desertification, this paper takes early warning and risk analysis on karst Rocky Desertification Hazard, designs Early Warning and Risk Decision Supporting System for Karst Rocky Desertification Hazard, makes up early Warning and risk models for karst Rocky Desertification Hazard, and provides scientific foundation for rational land use and prevent calamity in karst area.

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HU Baoqing, WANG Shijie,LI Ling,QIN Kaixian . System Design of Early Warning and Risk Assessment Model for Karst Rocky Desertification Hazard[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2005 , 24(2) : 122 -130 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2005.02.014


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