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The Ecological Environment Characteristics of Longevity Villages in Changqing County, Shandong Province

  • Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 100101

Received date: 1999-10-01

  Revised date: 1999-11-01

  Online published: 1999-12-24


The ecological environment of longevity villages was investigated in Zhangxia town, Changqing county, Shandong province. The samples of eco environmental materials, including from rock to soil, drinking water, grain, vegetables and hair have been collected, and determined their life elements concentration. The comparitive study on life elements content in eco environmental materials in longevity villages with that in control villages was made in order to explore the relation between environment factors and longevity. The result was shown that there are obvious environmental characteristics in longevity villages of Zhangxia town: (1) The natural environment is good and the human environment is propitious in these villages. The weather is warm and it is very suitable for human being living. The hill is green and the water is clean in stream. The air is fresh, because there are few pollutants in sky. The prevailing custom is good in the villages, people have respect for old persons and love for young. They all live happy; (2) The drinking water is got from springs with good quality. The concentration of H 2SiO 3 in the spring is high. Si can prevent heart diseases for the elder persons, and protects their health; (3) Se content is high in most materials of environmental eco system in longevity villages. Se is the component of GSH-px. GSH-px can eliminate peroxide in body which can harm the normal structure of cell, so that GSH-px can protect the normal physiological function of cell. The result is that the decrepit process of human body is delayed; (4) There are rich minerals in wood-fish stone (a metamorphic sandstone) in longevity villages. It is used for making various tea utensils. There are various life elements in wood-fish stone. The essential life elements will be dissolved into tea water slowly and slowly when making tea by that tea utensil. So that it increase the intake of life elements in human body. Among those life element, Se, Zn and Li have the function of preventing heart diseases and against decrepit.

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LI Ri bang, TIAN Jian an, WANG Wu yi, YANG Lin sheng, HE Yang . The Ecological Environment Characteristics of Longevity Villages in Changqing County, Shandong Province[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 1999 , 18(4) : 360 -367 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.1999.04.010