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The Compartmentalization of Functional Areas for National Resourse Security and the Orientation of the West China

  • Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,CAS, Beijing 100101 China

Received date: 2002-08-01

  Revised date: 2002-08-01

  Online published: 2002-09-24


Resource security is an important part of the national security. National resource security is based on the integration of regional resource securities within the same country. From social, economic and natural aspects, the East, the Middle and the West of China should undertake different functions in national resource security. The energy & mineral resources are extractive resources whose rational allocation in different areas is vital to the national resource security. This paper makes a compartmentalization of the functional areas for the national resource security by taking account of resource, transportation and ecological situations. Here, the areas rich in energy & mineral resources are divided into three functional regions: the exploiting region, the relaying region and the reserving region. Furthermore, this scheme has been put into practice by using the West China as a studying object. For the situations are various, the concrete countermeasures should be different. At the end of this paper, based on the impersonal assessment of the energy & mineral characteristics and the current exploiting situations, the prospect as well as the relevant proposals of the West China in the country’s resource security frame is brought forward.

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GU Shu zhong, GENG Hai qing, YAO Yu long . The Compartmentalization of Functional Areas for National Resourse Security and the Orientation of the West China[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2002 , 21(5) : 410 -419 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2002.05.002


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