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Study Angles of the New Economic Geography

  • Institution of geographic sciences and natural resources research, CAS, Beijing 100101

Received date: 2002-10-01

  Revised date: 2002-12-01

  Online published: 2003-01-25


The emergence background, the study angles and methods of the new economic geography that has brought bigger effect on the fields of current economics and geography are studied and analyzed in this paper Based on these analyses, the following opinions are pointed outFirst, the development of the location theory, the traditional economic geography, the new international trade theory, the industrial organization theory and the non linear dynamic theory are thought to be the base of the production of the new economic geography Second, the interaction among the scale economics, the transportation costs, the non mobility of the key element of production, the historical contingency and the path dependence brought by the increasing income are the basic study angles when using the new economic geography to study the location selection of economic activity and development.

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ZHANG Wen zhong . Study Angles of the New Economic Geography[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2003 , 22(1) : 94 -102 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2003.01.012