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Analysis of Distribution Regulation of Annual Runoff and Affection to Annual Runoff by Human Activity in the Chaobaihe River

  • Institute of geographic Sciences and Natural Resources research, CAS, Beijing 100101,China

Received date: 2003-08-01

  Revised date: 2003-10-01

  Online published: 2003-11-25


By the data of five hydrological observation stations, the paper analyzes the time-space distribution regulation of annual runoff. That is, for all of the hydrological observation, the annual runoff distributed unevenly. The runoff between July and October accounted for from 59.21%~76.03% of the total annual runoff. Besides, to annual runoff quantity, rich water period was very short, generally, only 1~3years; but low water period was very long, may last 13years. To analysis the variance of more than 40 years annual runoff, two methods are applied. The two results indicate that the variance tendency of the annual runoff show obviously decline.Using the data of the hydrological observation stations, the paper describes the accumulation curve of the annual runoff, which is divided into two parts in the various periods, one is not affected by human activity, and the other is affected by human activity. A correlation is founded between the annual runoff of affected by human activity and that of the stations unaffected by human activity. Through calculating accumulation value of affection by human activity of Daiying, Zhangjiafen, and Suzhuang hydrological observations, it accounts for 53.92%, 67.71%, and 71.23% of the total reduced value. The results demonstrate that human activity was the main factor leading to reduction of annual runoff compared with annual precipitation. Affected by human activity, especially the utilization of water resources, the natural ecology environment and the water recycle system had been deteriorating in recent several decade years. So reasonably utilization and optimal arrangements of water resources basing on systematic analysis are becoming more and more important. It will be urgent task to protect and use water resources rationally in the future.

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YAO Zhijun, GUAN Yanping, GAO Yingchun . Analysis of Distribution Regulation of Annual Runoff and Affection to Annual Runoff by Human Activity in the Chaobaihe River[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2003 , 22(6) : 599 -606 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2003.06.008