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Advances of Researches on Relationship Between LUCC and Soil Erosion

  • Department of Resource and Environmental Geo-Sciences & the Center for Land Studies, Peking University;Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes, The Ministry of Education; Beijing 100871

Received date: 2003-07-01

  Revised date: 2003-09-01

  Online published: 2003-11-25


Soil erosion,as a major environmental effect caused by Land use/Land cover changes(LUCC),is the result of both natural and human factors.Unreasonable land use and decrease of vegetation cover may have amplified soil erosion in some extent.The relationship between LUCC and soil erosion has been an important project in the whole world.At present,there are many approaches to soil erosion regarding LUCC.In this paper,the author introduced four kinds of present studies on the relationship between soil erosion and LUCC.Those are:quantitative studies based on soil erosion models,such as USLE、WEPP and LISEM;studies by GIS and RS techniques,which is,in fact,a process intersecting the distribution of soil erosion in a given period with the regarding land use/land cover map;studies by radioactive fallout,which are mainly used to estimate soil erosion of sloping fields and land plot in different use;studies through investigation of lake and reservoir sediment,which is a newly emerged method in the study of the relationship between soil erosion and land use/land cover changes.It is a method adapted to such related studies on watershed scale.The author introduced basic principles and developments of each method,and the advantages and shortcomings as well.In the end,the author presented that the studies based on investigation of lake and reservoir sediment are of representative meaning.In further studies,it also can well integrate other approaches to carry out more deep studies on watershed scale.

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Wu Xiuqin, Cai Yunlong . Advances of Researches on Relationship Between LUCC and Soil Erosion[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2003 , 22(6) : 576 -584 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2003.06.005