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Progresses of Geographical Grid Systems Researches

  • State key Laboratory of Resources and Environment Information System, Institute of Geographical Sciences and |Natural Resources Researches of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101

Online published: 2009-09-25


The article was focused on the functions and roles of geographical grid within the context of pixel-based geometric measures and GPS-based precise positioning. The authors described the basic attributes of grid system, and defined a grid cell composition of area cell, cell boundaries and cell corners in the first section. The grid’s new functions and roles such as geographical data fusion and integrated analysis were also discussed. In second section, authors probed into the evolution of grid system from the earliest era of land management in the dynasty of Shang and Xia, world mapping such as Hipparchus in Greece and “Huayi Maps” in China, to modern times of remote sensing and global positioning systems. In the last section, authors explained the development of global discrete grid system and national grid system, and pointed out the establishment of grid system based on elliptical space would be a direction for the future research.

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ZHOU Chenghu, OU Yang, MA Ting . Progresses of Geographical Grid Systems Researches[J]. PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY, 2009 , 28(5) : 657 -662 . DOI: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2009.05.002


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