PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY ›› 2014, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (5): 713-720.doi: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2014.05.012

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Correlation of marine economy and social change in coastal areas:a case study in Liaoning Province

DI Qianbin, SUN Yang   

  1. Center for Studies of Marine Economy and Sustainable Development, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116029, China
  • Received:2013-12-01 Revised:2014-03-01 Online:2014-05-25 Published:2014-05-25

Abstract: Since the reform and opening up, coastal areas of eastern China have experienced very rapid economic development and social change as well as the development of the marine economy, resulting in a close correlation between the marine economy and various social changes. The development of marine economy promotes reorganization of social structures, improvement in quality of life, and advancement of science and technology. The interaction and coupling of the economic system and social system maintain the stability and healthy development of both and results in complex mutual balancing mechanisms. Understanding the relationship between marine economy and social change is an area of study of marine sociology. To make a reasonable correlation analysis, it is necessary to study specific economic and social systems in empirical research and to decompose the large complex systems into simple units. Through the analysis of the interrelations and interactions of these units in the two interrelated systems, a clearer understanding of the status of the overall system can be gained. In this study, by examining the complex interrelations and interaction mechanisms of the marine economy and the different factors associated with social change, we selected relevant indicators and analyzed and quantified the correlation of marine economy and social change in Liaoning Province between 2000-2010 through combined qualitative and quantitative research methods. The quantitative method includes an explanatory structural analysis model and gray relational analysis. The marine economic and social change correlation analysis shows that, among the selected factors affecting social change, marine science and technology contributed significantly to the larger marine economy and played a key role in the development of marine economy and social change; the contribution of social structure and quality of life of the communities to the development of marine economy is relatively small, but marine science and technology, social structure and qualify of life indicators together constitute the main contributing factors of marine economy development and social change. Marine science and technology directly enhance the degree of interdependence of the economic, social and human systems of coastal areas. Marine economy development, on the other hand, continues to influence and improve the social systems and promote the dynamic development of the society. In short, social progress depends on economic growth and development; certain social structures necessarily built on certain economic basis, that is, economic development is the driving force for social change and also a concrete manifestation of social change.

Key words: correlation, Liaoning Province, marine economy, social change

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