PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY ›› 2009, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (6): 905-911.doi: 10.11820/dlkxjz.2009.06.011

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Some Recognitions for the Form and Changes of Land Bid-rent Curve

 ZHANG Wei1,2|ZHANG Hongye1| ZHANG Yifeng1| WANG Xiuhong 1   

  • Online:2009-11-25 Published:2009-11-25


With the deepening of global change research, more attentions are paid to the land use change and its effects. The land bid-rent curve analysis is an important theoretical basis for economical analysis in land use change. Improving the research of land bid-rent curve's form and its changes will help us to deepen the cognition of inherent mechanism in land use change, and provide a theoretical basis for forecasting land use changes. This paper analyzed two kinds of basic patterns in land bid-rent curve research, and pointed out the problems that exist in the previous studies. This paper tried to combine the theoretical derivation pattern with the mathematical reasoning pattern to explain the form and changes of land bid-rent curve in terms of technical progress, and analyzed the changes and realistic significance of key parametric in land bid-rent curve to deepen the understanding of land use change. Through analysis, this paper elicited the following conclusions: (1) The hypothesis of flexible farmer/inflexible farmer that raised by O'Sullivan exists many insufficiencies, and is not proper to be used in explaining the form and changes of land bid-rent curve. (2) Technical progress is the key factor that affects the form change of land bid-rent curve, and is the pivotal driving force that affects land use change. (3) Land use intensity is an important indicator of land use change. Deepening the research of land use intensity is very important to advance the research of land use spatial planning. At last, this paper proposed some issues valuable to be studied in the future.

Key words: land use change;bid-rent curve;changes of form;technical progress;land use intensity