PROGRESS IN GEOGRAPHY ›› 2017, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (12): 1531-1539.doi: 10.18306/dlkxjz.2017.12.008

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Borders and borderscapes under contemporary globalization

P. LAINE Jussi()   

  1. University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu 80140, Finland
  • Online:2017-12-20 Published:2017-12-20
  • Supported by:
    EU FP7 Fund, No.290775;National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.41571130, No.41271165;The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities;Collaborative Innovation Center for Geopolitical Setting of Southwest China and Borderland Development (YNNU)


Recognising the close interrelationships between social change and paradigm shifts, this paper contributes to an interpretation of conceptual change in the study of borders. While borders continue to have considerable relevance today, we need to revisit them in light of their constantly changing historical, political, and social contexts, grasping their shifting and undetermined nature in space and time. The paper underlines the multilevel complexity of borders - from the geopolitical to the level of social practice and cultural production at and across the border at different levels and, thus, not only along the dividing lines of nation-state sovereignties. It seeks to make a constructive contribution to debate within border studies by encouraging a productive understanding of the processual, de-territorialised, and dispersed nature of borders and their ensuring regimes in the era of globalisation and transnational flows, as well as showcasing border research as an interdisciplinary field with its own academic standing. Adopting the borders capes concept as a central organising element, this article advocates for a relational approach to borders which takes into account complementary perspectives that consider the interaction between political visions and everyday sociocultural practices, as well as social representations and artistic imaginaries.

Key words: border, globalization, borderscapes, construction of borders