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Review of creative industries from perspective of embeddedness

WEN Hu, GUI Yana   

  1. School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University, Changsha 410079, China
  • Received:2013-09-01 Revised:2013-12-01 Published:2014-03-24

Abstract: Economic activity is socially constructed and historically determined by individual and collective actions expressed through organizations and institutions. Along with the development of economic geography, institution and culture tend to be hotspots in this subject realm. The theories of new economic geography that contain new regionalism economic geography, cultural economic geography, relationship economic geography, evolution economic geography among others are gradually being built and improved. More scholars began to pay close attention to the non-economic factors that influence regional economic development. In this process, the concept of "embeddedness" that came from the new economic sociology is increasingly becoming a key word. And it has gained much prominence in economic geography over the last decade, as much work has been done on the social and organizational foundations of economic activities and regional development. This article analyzes the progress in research of creative industry development from the perspective of embeddedness. It starts with the use and development of the concept of "embeddednes" in economic geography. Economic geographers developed the conception of "embeddedness". They pointed out that it includes three dimensions: (1) "Cultural and institutional embeddedness", which means that economic behaviors are always affected by the special culture, institution, religious and morality, which are like genes embedded in the action of economic behaviors. The degree and behaviors of interpersonal trust, dependence and information sharing are affected by cultural tradition and value criterion and institution. (2) "Territorial embeddedness", that is, economic behaviors are always embedded in the local environment. The territorial related relationship will affect the behavior of economic actors. (3) "Network embeddedness", that is, a lot of formal and informal contacts between economic actors form network organizations. So everyone in the network is always affected by the network structure and his position in the network. Those new conceptions put forward by geographers are more detailed and have "space" meaning when compared with the traditional conception of economic sociology. The article also discusses the necessity and importance of doing research on the development of regional creative industry from the perspective of embeddedness. Based on the three dimensions of "embeddedness", this article reviews related literature and summarizes as well as comments on related research achievements in this field. In the end, the article discusses the outlook of future economic geography research of creative industry development from the perspective of embeddedness. Furthermore, the article points out that the research of "embeddedness" of the regional economics is not only an important area where Chinese scholars are able to participate in international economic geography theory building, dialogues and debates, but also an important direction for mainstream economic geography to promote its localization construction, hence it has important significance both theoretically and practically. Scholars should continue to put into energy to carry out in-depth studies.

Key words: creative industry, economic geography, embeddedness, review

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